XRD100 Bumper plates & 7 FT Olympic Bar Set, different weight options


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Deals on a 7Ft Soldier Bar 2.0 + Different weight sets

The 7Ft Olympic Chrome Bar , comes with two spring loaded clips.

  • Weight capacity: 1100lb.
  • Construction; Made from solid Spring steel. Accommodates Olympic weight plates (with 2-inch center hole);
  • SPECS: Measures 86.75” in length; Shaft length of 51.75”; Loadable sleeve length of 16.25”; Handgrip diameter of 29 millimeters; Weighs 20 Kilograms/44lbs; With 2 copper Bushings and 4 bearings.
  • FEATURES – Medium depth knurling and center knurling for a secure grip; Rotating sleeves with bushings and bearings to reduce pressure on forearms.
  • VERSATILE: Get a full-body workout or target specific muscle groups; Great for powerlifting.

  • Solid, high quality, resilient rubber
  • Raised weight number markings
  • Minimal Bounce
  • Stainless Steel Inserts, insert diameter: 50.4mm
  • Weights available: 45LB, 35LB, 25LB, 15LB, 10LB
  • Outside Diameter: 17.75″/450mm
  • Colour: Black



160LB Bumper plates + A 7Ft Bar, 170LB bumper plates+A 7Ft bar, 230LB Bumper Plates + A 7FT Bar, 260LB Bumper Plates + A 7FT Bar, 280LB Bumper Plates + A 7FT Bar, 370LB Bumper Plates + A 7FT Bar


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